The Golden Thrai

The Riders of the King's Own

Way of the Golden Thrai
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The King's Own~

Nimay, the General (Swordie)
Emon, the Pessimist (Swordie)
Haenel, the Newbie (Swordie)
Kurae, the Chef (Swordie)
Official Fangirl~ drazzi
Melraan, the Party Animal (Swordie)
Rumal, the Southerner (Swordie)
Ulkar, the Country Bumpkin (Swordie)
Garuk, the Shy One (Archer)
Gylepi, the Daddy (Archer)
Official Fangirl~ ladylight
Murali, the Ambitious One (Archer)
Nolryn, the Crown Prince (Archer)
Official Fangirl~ perfectdays
Kaen, the Bastard (Blade Archer)
Official Fangirl~ creatore_magico
Yoryl, the Gay Boy (Blade Archer)
Anganur, the Bloke (Pikeman)
Inel, the Listener (Pikeman)

The Wives of the Own~

Aelen, the Bling Factor (Melraan's wife)
Lolana, the Swordie (Ulkar's wife)
Official Fangirl~ drazzi
Orylia, the Restauranteur (Emon's girlfriend)
Aari, the Mummy (Gylepi's wife)
Bekala, the Connoisseur (Garuk's wife)
Mithi, the Kazinian Minister (Murali's wife)
Mali, the Beaten (Kaen's wife)
Official Fangirl~ creatore_magico
Fina, the Masseuse (Inel's wife)
Gaeli, the Ditz (Anganur's wife)

The Palace Healers~

Yamin, the Head Healer (snake bites)
Official Fangirl~ drazzi
Fali, the Party Girl (broken bones)
Kathana, the Mother (infectious diseases)
Kelora, the Thief (scorpion stings)
Lii, the Singer (trainee; no specialty yet)
Menala, the Hyper One (patient comfort)
Mina, the Sailor (broken bones)
Nanuka, the Big Sister (paediatrics)
Narine, the Fashion Victim (poisonous plants)
Ramnaré, the Desert Girl (spider bites)

The Disclaimers~
Character journal of annarti
Silent Harmony, the story they come from, lives at yrae
Part of bloogum
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