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wed 10oct07

mood | drunk

happpy ,irethdaaay MEEEEEE!

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mon 3sep07

mood | refreshed

Aeia~ okay. I'm home, I'm rested, I may as well update on the Llayan tournament. I assume the lack of enthusiasm makes it pretty clear I'm still elephant-less. I was knocked out in the second round, to be perfectly honest, and I do mean quite literally knocked out. That... wasn't enjoyable. Jousting on its own makes you hurt all over, but being knocked out just makes it that much worse. It didn't help that I hit my hand on the railing on the way down, either. I ended up spraining that so badly I could barely even lift a fork for the rest of the day, let alone a lance.

Anyway, the guy who beat me was a new one who I've not seen before, though I'd vaguely heard of him. A Llayan from up north somewhere. He got through to the final where he was comprehensively thrashed. That happens a lot in the final. Yes, including when I've been in it. Hush.

On a more positive note, I think something may be getting through to Keldirande and Rilldana (king and queen of Llayad, for the uneducated). It's occured to them that the best four archers in Raykin aren't actually competing in the archery competition. Keldirande briefly quizzed me (as briefly as Llayan speech allows, anyway) as to why this could be. So anyway, we'll see if anything happens. Unlikely, since Llayad stick to their traditions like sticky little flies, but we can hope. Maybe drop some hints as to what various archers around the kingdoms would prefer to a Llayan horse. Firing squad, this is your cue to speak up. Red shirts, too, I guess. If they can change the archery, surely they can change the sword.

Melraan won the sword, I think because the Raykinian swordies had their own bets going instead of worrying about the Llayan prizes. He hung back a few days in Nenyad to get rid of the stupid two-humped Llayan camel. Never actually found out if he ended up selling it or just left it on the side of the road for someone to pick up.

Some Tsaythi won the archery, which only surprises me because it means a Tsaythi actually entered. No idea who won the horse race and I don't think anyone ever does. I just know that without Inel and his sexy horse there, Mongrel was the fastest of the Own riders.

The Mini-Thrai had, unfortunately, run out of Liquid Sunset by the end of the first week. I blame War almost entirely. We'd even run out of Venom by last Monday.

Some random Llayan tried chatting up Haenel, that was fantastic fun XD Mostly because I knew what she was saying and he didn't. He may be fluent in Kazinian, but Llayan is a whole other... well, a whole other planet, really. I've never heard a Llayan be so forward before, but then the only Llayans I really know are the royals and a few officials, where longwindedness is their business. So yes, that was an interesting evening XD

I'd propose that we invent a Raykinian tournament, because we know how to put on an event, but I'd really rather keep the Kazinian archers out of my kingdom, thank you very much.

If I'm told I have to go ANYWHERE before the year's ended, I'm going to shoot someone. That, or make someone shoot me. I know plenty of people go their entire lives wishing they could leave Ni-Yana, but Lin's blood, I'm exhausted, and it's not even Spring yet. Please, for the love of the goddesses, no more missions for at least a year.

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mon 27aug07

mood | exhausted

Back home. Update later. Dead now.

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mon 13aug07

mood | lazy

Aaaaand we're off. See you in two weeks, kids!

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sat 11aug07

mood | relaxed

It's that time again! Llayan tournament begins next week! So this is the reminder to everyone who's signed up (I believe that was Tanji, Jenii and Baern, though I understand Jenii's gone home) that we leave Monday afternoon. Anyone else who wishes to participate and hasn't signed up, last time it cost ten gold pieces to sign up at the event, so I'd expect maybe eleven this year?

If you'd just like to come and watch, entry prices differ from event to event, but the joust is of course the most expensive--three or four gold pieces, I think.

I've had more than enough of travel this year, but I'm going anyway. There are no politics or ambushes at the other end of it, and of course we'll be setting up the Mini Thrai again, so we're not going to be completely without the good stuff X)

And Aeia-damnit I'm going to win my elephant this year.

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thu 12jul07

mood | complacent

This is just a callout on behalf of Yoryl, because his English is... well, it needs work.

So, gentlemen, if you're in the market for the second-best blade archer in Raykin, he's open.

Good luck, quael.

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thu 28jun07

mood | accomplished

We return victorous! Mission accomplished! I'm not setting foot in Kazin for MONTHS. A year would be nice, but that's probably asking too much. Still, everything up there is as stable as it'll ever be. Silrona's own army has been put to use against bandits and whatever else, being paid reasonably, everything's shiny.

I'm almost tempted to forgo the Llayan tournament this time around, purely because I'm just sick to death of travelling. Doubtless by the time it rolls around I'll be up for it, but for the moment, the prospect of doing anything outside of Ni-Yana is just too exhausting.

So, what did I miss?

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sun 24jun07

mood | content

Happy Winter Solstice to all! May all your skies be cloudy.

Before anyone asks, no, Nol's not back yet. Strategically avoiding the Solstice celebrations, I'd imagine. Give them a couple more days before starting to worry.

Things must have gone to plan up there, though. There was no call to arms for the rest of the Own, anyway. Or the rest of the army, for that matter. That must be a positive.

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sat 26may07

mood | contemplative

I'm considering that it may well be time for me to move on. Maybe. I'm still not certain, but retirement is something that has been playing on my mind for some time, at least since halfway through the last mission.

In a week's time, I turn forty. For fifteen of those years I've served in the Own, and been at the top for probably the last six or seven. I've been on twenty-seven mission, the last one being my twentieth to Kazin. I don't want to think how many years that means in Kazin.

I've seen no less than seven of my friends die on missions. It never stops hurting.

But that all keeps me there. I've wielded my sword for twenty-five years. If I stopped now, what in Lin's sweet name would I do with my time? Indulgence can only be a novelty for so long, then it just begins to feel like laziness. I'm always back training within a week of returning from a mission. Without the prospect of another, what would be the point of more training? What else would I do with my life?

Telling Murali what had happened to Naraan was the hardest conversation of my life, and probably his, too. Hard as it was being there, I prefer that to finding out months later, and worst of all knowing that if I was there, I could have done something.

So that's what keeps me there. That's what keeps me from throwing down my sword at the next challenger to my position.

It doesn't stop the niggling, though. Just the thought that I've had my time. Time to hang up the boots and turn the sword into one of those ornamental pieces that hangs over the fireplace. I don't know. Come the next mission I'll be as ready as every other, but in these off periods... It's niggling.

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wed 11apr07

mood | predatory

So. Things are afoot. I'm bored and my feet are getting itchy, knowing that First Company's in Kazin while the Own is stuck in Ni-Yana on 'standby'. Well, most of the Own.

What's our reckoning, boys? Own mission?

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sat 31mar07

mood | complacent

So, two weeks gone, they'll be in a sort of... halfway there type area. Somewhere around Ulkar's hometown, so Aelen should be happy enough.

Meanwhile, back at the station, life is boring. Our two new recuits aren't too bad, in all honesty, but they're just not Own. I'm not sure how, but they're managing to be trying too hard and not trying hard enough all at once. They seem like if we do end up going on a mission, they'll be surprised to find that there are more than just the four of us in the Own.

In other, completely unrelated news, Lania is pestering me daily about starting army training since about a week after I got back. She's eleven years old. General, I blame you entirely. Fix it.

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mon 26mar07

mood | relaxed

Final call for anyone wishing to participate in the Llayan tournament later this year. The representative is heading off tomorrow, so if you want to get your name down, let any of us know. Otherwise you'll have to sign up at the actual tournament, and that costs extra.

So far, obviously Nol's going for the joust, then for the sword there's me, Melraan, Ulkar and Haenel. Nobody on for the archery, as per the norm. Obviously plenty of others from the army, but nobody here knows them, so I won't bother naming them. About a hundred Raykinians in all, anyway.

Of course, being associated with us you'll probably end up meeting Princess Lynnlita... apologies in advance for that. You do get to be honourary members of the Mini Thrai though =D That's gotta be worth it.

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tue 13mar07

mood | fed up

Well, we've selected our temporary replacements for the next three months or so. They were as thrilled as anyone would be to get in, even though they're not getting any of the perks. They'll still be riding camels up there with regulation army swords on the off chance the Own actually goes up there.

So, welcome-slash-going-away party at the 'Thrai tonight and we're off with half of First Company tomorrow. Again. I'm going to have spent more time in Kazin this year than in Raykin. Unless you've been there, you have NO idea how depressing this is ><

I'm getting it sorted this time. Every minute little detail. I'm so SICK of Silrona right now, I'd shoot the whole Aeia-damned lot of them if I could. I've had it. No more Aeia-damned bandits, no more attacks, nothing. And yes, I know exactly how I'm going to do it.

With any luck, we'll be back in Ni-Yana by Winter Solstice. Oh joy. Maybe the day after, if I time it right.

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thu 1mar07

mood | excited

You lot are terrible =P Ask us stuff! Go for it! Anything you like!

The main reason for posting though, sign-ups are on for the Llayan tournament again =DD I am GOING to win my Aeia-damned elephant this year. Fourth time lucky, we hope.

For the newcomers since the last one, which is... most people here, I think, the tournament consists of four competitions. The major one that everyone goes for is the jousting, but they've also got archery, swordsmanship and a race on your steed of choice. First prize is always a typically Llayan steed (elephant for the joust, black-and-white-stiped Llayan horse for the bow and two-humped Llayan camel for the sword. Thinking of the two kingdoms that specialise in the last two areas, you can see why they're the lesser events). Second prize is some incredibly gaudy piece of Llayan jewellery that you could sell for several gold pieces to some Llayan afterwards, and third prize is cold, hard cash. I don't think you win anything for the race. It's just insane chaos and ridiculous fun X3

We've also recently started up the tradition of the Mini Thrai, which involves bringing over a few kegs of Liquid Sunset and some others from the Golden Thrai and having it there. Clearly not as good as the real pub, but that's why we call it he Mini Thrai.

So, if anyone's interested in signing up, throw in a comment and I'll stick your name on the list =3 The tournament isn't until mid-Winter, so August-ish on this calendar, and lasts for three weeks. I will warn you though, if you associate with me, you will end up meeting Lynnlita. Apologies in advance for that.

Also! This is still open =D

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wed 28feb07

mood | curious

Before Nol and Murali disappear again in a few weeks, I thought I might open up a Question and Answer thing. So, ladies and gentlement, throw us a couple of questions. Think of it as a chance to ask all those questions you've always wanted to ask but were too nervous or it wasn't the right kind of time to ask it. Ask us anything. Direct it at the whole Own or just one of us, whatever works for you =3

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sun 25feb07

mood | hot

Aeia, it's hot ><

I'm taking Ashburn down to the river. I know it'll be swarming with people, but it's still desirable to flaking out on the stones and doing nothing all day. Anyone want to join me?

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sat 24feb07

mood | hot

Oh heatwaves, how I have missed you.

Please don't say we're supposed to be picking temporary replacements for Nol and Murali while this is on. If we are, you two are so definitely helping ><

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fri 23feb07

mood | hopeful

Gentlemen, Niloren's calling the meeting tomorrow morning in the main barracks to let First Company what's happening. This doesn't officially include us, but I have no doubt that one or two of you would like to hurl questions and/or abuse at our dear First General.

Firing squad, you do all have to be there, since you're going to be the lucky ones to break the news to First Company archers that we're recruiting again.

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tue 20feb07

mood | cranky

Okay boys, here's the story.

The Kazinian division of the diplomacy is going up there with Nol. About fifty guys from the top end of First Company will be escorting them, but not us. The Own is on standby until we get news back on how everything is progressing in Kazin.

My only guess for the reasoning behind us staying back is that the borderlands are flaring up again, so they'll need a quickfire solution on that. Thing is, we were only there less than a year ago, so I don't know. Whatever the reasoning, we're on standby, so no planning trips downstream, and if you plan on going upstream, take everything with you.

In any case, they'll be leaving in about two weeks.

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tue 13feb07

mood | bored

The ball is rolling. If we could get some of the non-swordies on there, that'd be fabulous. Even I did it, despite the challenge being directed to 'the boys'. I tend to get grouped with them anyway. I'm so used to it I only just realised then. I'm one of the boys, always have been. It's just easier that way.

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