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I am not a pessimist.
I hurt nobody, when I'm home.
I love Lolana and the kids.
I hate nobody. Some people irritate me, but I don't hate any of them.
I fear nothing when I'm home, death when I'm away.
I hope none of these guys will die on missions. I know, I'm naive.
I crave nothing especially. I could go a beer, though.
I regret nothing at the moment. I manage to put those things in the past and leave them there.
I care more than a lot of people seem to.
I always polish my sword every night, even if I haven't trained that day.
I long for Kazin to sort out its issues, but then I'd be out of a job. That, or speaking Kazinian.
I feel alone never. There are always people around me who are on my wavelength.
I listen very, very carefully, even at home when I don't really need to.
I hide the expensive alcohol from the kids.
I drive a stubborn gelding, but anything's better than Mongrel.
I sing not too badly.
I dance stupidly, because it's supposed to be a fun thing.
I write rarely but neatly enough.
I breathe the dust of the army barracks.
I play dagger-toss, but not very well.
I miss everyone I've known who has died. My hometown, sometimes, and my family back there.
I search for my boots most mornings. The boys like hiding them.
I learn something new every day, be it big or small. I make a point of it.
I feel blessed.
I know very little Kazinian for how often I'm up there.
I say is a very weak and Llayan curse.
I fail at beating Lolana, but she's a foot taller than me. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.
I dream of what my life would have been like if I'd never left home.
I wonder what what it would have been like to watch the Own pass through every time without ever being a part of that group.
I want a daughter, but that's really more a case of 'I'd like a daughter'.
I worry about my family whenever I'm away.
I wish I could learn foreign languages.
I fight much better with a sword than with words. Lolana beats me at that one, too.
I need a big family dinner at some point, with Lolana's and my extended family. This has happened once in my lifetime.
I have everything I could possibly wish for.
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