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What is your earliest memory? I shouted at the maid because she threatened to put my brother in the bin. I would have been about three years old, because my brother was a baby then.

What is the most recent thing you remember? ...Answering that last question? Before this I was polishing my sword, because it doesn't really get done often enough. Ulkar was polishing his earlier and reminded me.

What is your happiest memory? On my first mission with the Own, there was a moment in the middle of the Kazinian nowhere. We were circled around the fire just talking, as we had every night for the previous three weeks, but something just clicked then that made me feel as though I fitted. I was part of the group, not just because I'd beaten one of their blade archers, but because I could chat with them the same as I did anyone else at home.

What is your saddest memory? Just one? I've seen too many deaths in my decade with the Own. Every time, the worst has been covering their grave. I've never done it myself, but just watching the dirt and mud cover a face that was alive and strong less than an hour earlier... I hate doing that so much.

What is your most painful memory? I honestly can't just pick one. In life, certainly I'm more irritated by some than others, but in the end I don't want to see any of them die.

What is your most treasured memory? Oh Aeia... hundreds. When Majesty and the then-General of the Own first approached me to take the Own challenge. I'd been working so hard to get to that stage, and it was an absolute thrill to get there.

What is your most serious memory? There haven't been many; blade archers don't do serious. I guess a few years back, when we had to break some Raykinian spies and diplomats out of the dungeons in Assiraz. That was tense, and not the kind of situation that can be lightened up without bringing the entire retinue of prison guards down on our backs.

What is your silliest memory? Oh~ what's the best thing I've done to the archers? So many to choose from... Chasing Nol around camp with a dead snake. Putting honey in the bottom of their quivers so their arrows stuck (we were still on home soil. I wouldn't be stupid enough to do that in Kazin). Itching powder in their shirts. Convincing Nol that Empress Shizaaqa had been killed and he wouldn't have to talk with her. This was on the mission Majesty came up with us on. I think that must have been the best, seeing him flail in front of Majesty like that. Priceless, priceless moment.

What is your sexiest memory? Any night I'm home with my darling Mali. She is without doubt the most beautiful woman in the kingdom. Every move she makes is sensual and stunning, and she makes it very clear that she knows it.

What is your most embarrassing memory? Do you wish you could forget it? I don't often get embarassed. Living in the public eye I tend to keep my cool, keep an eye on what I'm doing. I've probably done something I'd regret when I've been drunk at the pub, but I don't remember it, so it doesn't matter.

What is your most vivid memory? Seeing Mali for the first time. She still has the dress she wore then, a vibrant red thing, Kazinian-inspired with a lot of gauze and gold. Her hair was tied up high on top of her head, draped over one shoulder. Lin's blood, she was gorgeous then and is still just as stunning now.

Do you have a good memory? Better than most, I'd say, but there's not a lot I have to remember.

Do your memories affect how you are as a person? Definitely. Everyone in the Own has a bit of a black sense of humour from the things we've done. I didn't before I joined, but now I struggle to keep such thoughts to myself when I'm in less accepting company.

Do you consider memory a blessing or a curse? Largely a blessing, I think. Bad things have happened, certainly, but I think it would be tragic to lose any of those memories.

Do you use any aids to help you remember things (scrapbooks, bus passes, etc)? I have a calendar at home, but again, there's not much I need to remember. As for things that have happened in the past, I buy Mali something from Kazin every time I go up there, always a carved wooden horse and something else. I suppose each of the horses in particular remind me of the specific mission on which they were bought, though that isn't the intention.
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