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Ladies and gents, Summer Solstice is little over a week away! I feel this bears reminding since it's two days before the Christmas thing, so if anyone wants to come join the festivities, you have plenty of warning. Festivities include:

  • Royal speech, because Nol's actually here this year to give one.
  • Palace gates are swung open and a buffet is put on by the palace kitchens. Nol reckons it's not as good as what they normally cook up, but it's still sensational.
  • Free palace brew for all, not just those of us who work there. It isn't too bad, and it's made better by the fact that it's free.
  • We show off at the main square in the markets. Come if for nothing but to watch Nol and Yoryl face off with a sword each. Even if you don't know anything about swordsmanship, they're sensationally bad. And War, if you don't challenge Kaen to a duel, I'll be forever disappointed in you.
  • Small children running around with white and yellow ribbons. I mention this because some of them use them as trip ropes. Gylepi and Aari, I'm looking at your pair especially.
  • The traditional yearly pub crawl. It starts at the Golden Thrai around sunset, then we move to the dagger toss targets some time after the first round, followed by a trip to the bar before finally ending at the Golden Thrai somewhere around dawn. Best pub crawl ever invented, I assure you.
  • Sleep the day out the come back here and do the Christmas thing, if you so desire.

What's not to love? I know half the world's actually heading for Winter Solstice, so if you think you'll burn to a crisp suddenly hitting the middle of a Raykinian Summer... you probably will. Head over around sunset if you're that worried, it'll be cool by then.
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