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On the twelfth day of Christmas, thethrai sent to me...
Twelve daggers drumming
Eleven bows piping
Ten archers a-leaping
Nine parties dancing
Eight weapons a-milking
Seven blades a-fighting
Six spears a-drinking
Five arro-o-o-ows
Four throwing knives
Three blade archers
Two liquid sunsets
...and a battle in a blade archery.
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This thing is biased towards the Aeia-damned purple shirts.

In 2007, thethrai resolves to...
Buy new spears.
Take evening classes in pikemen.
Find a new battle.
Apply for a new beer.
Connect with my inner war.
Spend more time with my liquid sunsets.
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This one I can agree with X) The stickmen must have had a hand in the first two, but the rest of it? I think I can uphold those ones. New beers are always fun, even if they'll never measure up to the glory that is the Liquid Sunset.
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I love the twelve days one ♥
Really? I think it favoured the blade archers way too much. There are only two of them, and they get twelve daggers and four throwing knives. Seven swordies and we get nothing 9.9

...Ah~ but then, you have a thing for one of those two, don't you? X)