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On the twelfth day of Christmas, thethrai sent to me...
Twelve daggers drumming
Eleven bows piping
Ten archers a-leaping
Nine parties dancing
Eight weapons a-milking
Seven blades a-fighting
Six spears a-drinking
Five arro-o-o-ows
Four throwing knives
Three blade archers
Two liquid sunsets
...and a battle in a blade archery.
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This thing is biased towards the Aeia-damned purple shirts.

In 2007, thethrai resolves to...
Buy new spears.
Take evening classes in pikemen.
Find a new battle.
Apply for a new beer.
Connect with my inner war.
Spend more time with my liquid sunsets.
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This one I can agree with X) The stickmen must have had a hand in the first two, but the rest of it? I think I can uphold those ones. New beers are always fun, even if they'll never measure up to the glory that is the Liquid Sunset.
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