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tue 6jul10

mood | relaxed

This thing looked useful. I should pass it around at the palace. How to deal with a Raykinian princeCollapse )

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fri 25sep09

mood | stressed

I need you all to read this, please, although there will probably be a more official announcement sooner or later.

There are counterfeit gold pieces being spent around Ni-Yana's high end. Kal brought it to my attention last night, but he couldn't pinpoint who might have been spending them. It's quite possibly someone middle-class, dressing up and trying to look like they're from the top end of town. Keep an eye out for anyone who doesn't quite fit in. The Talons are investigating everyone with access to the royal mint right now, but it doesn't hurt to have others on the lookout, too.

The coins themselves look almost identical to the real ones, but they're only about three-quarters to two-thirds the thickness. It's not something you'd notice unless you actually looked at them. If you've got any suspicious coins, bring them to the palace and I'll see what I can do. Highly unlikely since you never get gold coins as change, but it's something to look out for.

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tue 18aug09

mood | bored

Here is my recipe for hot chocolate, since it's been asked of me in a more concrete form.

In a small saucepan, mix together a few spoons of cocoa powder, another spoon of cinnamon powder, the slightest sprinkle of chilli powder and half a spoon of honey. Add a splash of milk and mix it together to form first a smooth paste, then another splash of milk and mix again until it's a consistent liquid. Pour in the rest of your mug of milk and heat it over the fire until it starts simmering. Ideally, leave it to cool then reheat to drink.

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tue 23jun09

mood | bored

Lin's blood, I am so bored with Winter Solstice, and it hasn't even happened yet. So many preparations!

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sun 31may09

mood | predatory

So, young North, we have a horse race on, I believe? I propose this Tuesday. One thing I'm working on should be finished tomorrow, if not Monday, then Llayans are due to arrive and talk about money some time on Thursday, so I'll be out from then until... call it July. Llayans are like that.

So then, how's your Tuesday looking?

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mon 18may09

mood | proud

Aeia, I am so very glad I'm past that with Mongrel. He's more irritating now than actually dangerous. I've just realised seeing that image that he hasn't injured me for a good two years. I'm almost proud of the idiot stallion.

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mon 10nov08

mood | the shit

Ladies and boys, say hello to the new~ sword master!

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thu 18sep08

1. What are the contents of your wallet/purse/handbag/briefcase?
Just loose change and a few gold pieces. Obviously I take more than a few gold pieces to the pub, as well as a pocket-sized pad of parchment and a stick of charcoal. Someone always asks me about something politics-related, so I write that down to go over the next morning and see if it was really as important as they made it out to be. Usually it isn't, but it's come in handy more times than I can count.
My saddlebags are another matter entirely. They're full of everything on The List. Insect repellent, sun cream, cooking utensils, spare arrowheads, tent-related bits... you name it, it's probably in one of them. And I could find it within seconds, too.

2. What do you like to do in the privacy of your own home?
HAH, privacy. There's no home on the continent more public than mine, I swear. That said, I don't think I'd be any different if I did have true privacy. I know I'm pretty relaxed outside, but I do still think about who's around me, how many people are watching. Even if I had privacy, I'd still feel like people were watching.

3. How do you 'let loose' over winter?
...More like letting loose over Summer. Winter is the more comfortable season for us, though in truth there's not much difference. Summer is when you can be forgiven for spending the entire day lying on the floor doing absolutely nothing, even as crown prince. Not for more than one or two days for the season, though.

4. Describe your hands.
I say I put being prince before being an Own rider, but these are the hands of an archer. The calluses inside my index and middle fingers from pulling back a bowstring are far tougher than my writing callus, I've broken all but three of them at least once, scars and nicks over my knuckles, nails bitten to the quick... They're not exactly princely.

5. If you have a nickname, how did it come about?
Nol, pretty obvious. Also Princey-boy from the blade archers and the odd swordie. I'm not a fan of that one. I'm sure Lynnlita has all manner of pet names she never actually says to my face, thankfully. Chicken Soup used to be one among the Own, but that was before I turned it into a threat. Nobody would dare, now.

6. How do you sleep?
Badly. Own missions have made me a light sleeper and I awaken at the slightest noise, so it's a good thing Raykin is a good deal quieter at night than Kazin. I'm usually awake a minute or two before the cry of 'AMBUSH' goes up, so that's a bonus. I generally sleep on my stomach with my face away from the closest wall, limbs splayed all over the bed. I must be restless, too, because I often wake up in the morning with the sheet on the floor.

7. How do you take your coffee? (If you don't drink coffee, describe your perfect beverage.)
I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I'm getting there. Lots of milk but no sugar, and I'm experimenting with cocoa.
The ideal beverage is, of course, a Liquid Sunset. Poured at the 'Thrai, of course, not out of the bottle, and in the special Liquid Sunset glass. Kal keeps it underground so it's as cold as it can be, and with a head exactly the thickness of your thumb. That's decadence right there.

8. What do you always take with you when you leave the house?
At least ten gold pieces, a dagger and that writing pad and charcoal stick.

9. What's your opinion on public displays of affection?
It makes me jealous, but apart from that I don't have a problem with it.

10. What signifies the beginning of summer?
The first time Majesty asks me how my speech for the Solstice is coming. People predicting when the first heatwave will be. I guess I start thinking about the speech when we get that first real gust of a north wind.

11. How do you act when drunk?
Disturbingly sober, for the most part. At least, I feel drunk a glass or two before anyone notices. My actions are pretty much the same, it's the brain that just loses it and I start telling people they've only got one eye or noticing that the table looks really sexy. Basically, I'm a complete idiot. Best kind of drunk there is.

12. Do you collect anything?
...Scars? Foreign enemies? Nothing I make a point of collecting, anyway.

13. Describe your favourite thing in your bedroom.
I'll be predictable and say my bow, but I replace it too often to really get attached to it. My sword, maybe? I hate that it's a snake, but I think it's a bit of a love-hate relationship now. When I get back from a mission, there's nothing better in the entire kingdom than my bed.

14. Where is the most comfortable place to be at home?
I'm not sure I could pick just one. It depends on the weather and my mood. I always feel comfortable in the archery range. The rec room has the best lounges as well as the beer, so that has to be up there. It gets nice breezes in the afternoon, too. The cool room is by far the best place to be in a heatwave, obviously the massage rooms are brilliant. My bed is particularly comfortable after a mission or a long meeting. The palace has a lot going for it, despite all the politics that go on there.

15. Who is your rock?
The other three archers in the Own, probably Garuk most of all. Nimay's always going to be up there, too. I'll never find a real replacement for Naraan, but at least I'm not alone.

16. What gets you out of bed in the morning?
The inability to go back to sleep. Not wanting to disappoint anyone, especially Majesty, by being late to a meeting.

17. How do you travel?
On the back of the most disobedient stallion ever to be tamed, and I use the term 'tamed' loosely. It's funny, every time I consider getting him gelded, he calms down and does just what I ask him. I only ever ride him long-distance, though. Around the city I just walk. Taking Mongrel out to meet the people would likely kill someone, or at least break a limb. Probably mine.

18. What do you have on your pizza?
I'm going to bring this concept to Raykin, seriously. I basically put as much on it as possible before the base goes floppy. The meat lovers ones are best, with a good gutsy sauce. Comes from my love of steak, I'd imagine. I can definitely see it working in Raykin, though.

19. Describe your most vivid memory.
The exact second Naraan died. He was coughing and choking on his own blood and obviously in so much pain, but the worst thing was that he kept telling us all that he wasn't dying, as though he genuinely believed it. Aeia... There was so much I wanted to say then, but I was too... I don't know, chicken to get it out, I guess. The best person in my life was dying and I couldn't say anything. Choking and spluttering and trying to breathe, then silence. That exact moment... Aeia.

20. If you could change yourself, appearance or personality, what would you do? Why?
I want to be what it takes to rule this kingdom. I'm working on it, but... I don't think Majesty ever believes I'll be able to do it right. I just want to be good enough. Spectacular would be nice, but I'll settle for good enough.

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sun 29jun08

mood | full


Kurae, you have absolutely outdone yourself.

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thu 26jun08

mood | awake

I am not a pessimist.
I hurt nobody, when I'm home.
I love Lolana and the kids.
I hate nobody. Some people irritate me, but I don't hate any of them.
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mon 16jun08

mood | contemplative

Red shirts, including WAGs, I need you to all be available next Saturday night--the sixth of Winter (or 28th of June, if you're operating on that calendar).

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mon 26may08

mood | bored

This is how bored I amCollapse )

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mon 12may08

mood | serious

I have a serious question to ask, so I'd appreciate if it could be treated as such. A high ask, I realise, but I can hope.

Just... ignoring me for the moment, because I don't want to be the deciding factor, does anyone out there, not necessarily Raykinian or even from Thyllaeth, have any interest in being queen of Raykin?

As I say, this is a serious question. No, I'm not joking.

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mon 17mar08

mood | bored

I'm bored. Someone ask me questions and be entertaining :D

Aelen says she's here being bored, too, so ask her questions. She says this from the other side of the room, though, so I don't know how serious she is.

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tue 11mar08

mood | irritated

. . .

Why must archers be so childish?

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fri 7mar08

mood | amused

bedroom toys
Powered By Adult Toys Store

Let it be know that I am no cheap whore >)

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sun 3feb08

mood | nostalgic

Memory MemeCollapse )

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sat 15dec07

mood | excited

Ladies and gents, Summer Solstice is little over a week away! I feel this bears reminding since it's two days before the Christmas thing, so if anyone wants to come join the festivities, you have plenty of warning. Festivities include:

  • Royal speech, because Nol's actually here this year to give one.
  • Palace gates are swung open and a buffet is put on by the palace kitchens. Nol reckons it's not as good as what they normally cook up, but it's still sensational.
  • Free palace brew for all, not just those of us who work there. It isn't too bad, and it's made better by the fact that it's free.
  • We show off at the main square in the markets. Come if for nothing but to watch Nol and Yoryl face off with a sword each. Even if you don't know anything about swordsmanship, they're sensationally bad. And War, if you don't challenge Kaen to a duel, I'll be forever disappointed in you.
  • Small children running around with white and yellow ribbons. I mention this because some of them use them as trip ropes. Gylepi and Aari, I'm looking at your pair especially.
  • The traditional yearly pub crawl. It starts at the Golden Thrai around sunset, then we move to the dagger toss targets some time after the first round, followed by a trip to the bar before finally ending at the Golden Thrai somewhere around dawn. Best pub crawl ever invented, I assure you.
  • Sleep the day out the come back here and do the Christmas thing, if you so desire.

What's not to love? I know half the world's actually heading for Winter Solstice, so if you think you'll burn to a crisp suddenly hitting the middle of a Raykinian Summer... you probably will. Head over around sunset if you're that worried, it'll be cool by then.

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thu 29nov07

mood | amused

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fri 16nov07

mood | amused

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Nimay!

  1. Contrary to popular belief, Nimay is not successful at sobering up a drunk person, and in many cases she may actually increase the adverse effects of alcohol!
  2. If you drop Nimay from the top of the Empire State Building, she will be falling fast enough to kill before reaching the ground.
  3. Owls cannot move their eyes, because their eyeballs are shaped like Nimay!
  4. The first American zoo was built in 1794, and contained only Nimay.
  5. If you chew gum while peeling Nimay then it will stop you from crying.
  6. In Chinese, the sound 'Nimay' means 'bite the wax tadpole'.
  7. There are roughly 10,000 man-made objects the size of Nimay orbiting the Earth.
  8. It is impossible to fold Nimay more than seven times.
  9. Nimayicide is the killing of Nimay.
  10. Nimay can not regurgitate.
I am interested in - do tell me about

I'm good for drunk people!

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